International Code of Oenological Practices

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III.1 Use of the guide

This Guide of Good Practices has been developed by the International Wine Office (OIV) and adopted by its members States during its 80th General Assembly, the 23rd of June 2000[1]. It incorporates procedures to which Suppliers and Purchasers on the one hand and Freight Forwarders and Ship Owners on the other, should refer when negotiating contracts concerning bulk wine transport operations.

The Guide is advisory in nature, but all the practices proposed, subject to their conformity with the applicable regulations in the various regions concerned, are in actual and successful use. With proper application, they contribute to the quality of the wine during transit and to guaranteeing its authenticity.

[1] The OIV acknowledges with gratitude that this Guide is based to a large extent on “A Guide of Practice Relating to the Transportation of Wines, Spirits and Concentrated Grape Must in Bulk”, published by the Wine and Spirit Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1994.