International Code of Oenological Practices

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Treatment with potassium ferrocyanide

II.3.3.10 Treatment with potassium ferrocyanide


  • potassium ferrocyanide: Processing aid

Definition :

Addition of potassium ferrocyanide to wine.

Objective :

To lessen the wine’s content:

  • Of iron to avoid iron hazes,
  • Of copper to avoid copper hazes,
  • And more generally of heavy metals.

Prescriptions :

a)        This procedure can be executed only by a responsible and qualified technician.

b)       The main operation must be preceded by trials to determine the amount of product to add.

c)        The main operation should be followed by an examination of the treated wine, to determine the absence of an excess of ferrocyanide or its derivatives.

d)       The potassium ferrocyanide used shall comply with the prescriptions of the International Oenological Codex .

Recommendation of OIV: