International Code of Oenological Practices

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lysozyme treatment

II.3.4.12 Lysozyme treatment

Classification :

  • Lysozyme: additive


Addition of lysozyme to the wine.


a)        Control of the growth and activity of the bacteria responsible for malolactic fermentation of the wine.

b)       Reduction of the rate of sulphur dioxide.



a)        According to experiments, the maximum dose of 500 mg/l appears to be sufficient to control the growth and the activity of the bacteria responsible for malolactic fermentation.

b)       Lysozyme cannot totally substitute itself to SO2 which possesses antioxidant properties. A SO2 + lysozyme association provides more stable wines.

c)        When must and wine are treated with lysozyme, the cumulative dose must not exceed 500 mg/l.

d)       The product must conform to the prescriptions of the International oenological codex.

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