International Code of Oenological Practices

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II.3.1.2 De-acidification

Definition :

Reduction of the titratable acidity and the actual acidity (increase of the pH).

Objective :

Production of wines of better sensory balance

Prescriptions :

The objective can be achieved :

a)       Spontaneously, whether by precipitation of the tartaric acid in the form of potassium bitartrate [see II. ‘Physical de-acidification’; Prescriptions (b)], or by degradation of malic acid (see II. ‘Microbiological de-acidification by lactic bacteria’)

b)       By blending with less acidic wines (see Blending)[AF1]

c)        By the use of physical procedures [see II. ‘Physical de-acidification’: Prescription (b) and Cold Treatment: Objective (a), and prescriptions corresponding to this objective (a)] [AF2]and/or physico-chemical procedures [see II. ‘Treatment with ion exchangers’; objective b]

d)       By the use of chemical procedures (see II. ‘Chemical de-acidification’),

e)        By the use of microbiological procedures (see II. ‘Microbiological De-acidification by lactic acid bacteria’).


Recommendation of the OIV :

Refer to the practices and treatments mentioned above.

[AF1]Blending existe comme fiche ou est une pratique qui sera étudiée ultérieurement (**)

[AF2]Cold treatment est considérée dans les autres fiches comme pratique à étudiée ultérieurement (**)