International Code of Oenological Practices

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Correction of the alcohol content in wines

II.3.5.13 Correction of the alcohol content in wines


Process to reduce excessive ethanol content in wine.


To improve the taste balance of wine.


a)        The objective can be achieved by methods separation techniques or a combination of techniques.

  • Partial vacuum evaporation
  • Membrane techniques
  • Distillation**[1]

b)       This process must not be used on wines with any other organoleptic defects.

c)        The elimination of alcohol in wine must not be done in conjunction with a modification in the sugar content in the corresponding musts.

d)       The alcohol content may be reduced by a maximum of 20%.

e)       The minimum alcoholic strength by volume must comply with the definition of wine in accordance with sheet 3.1.

f)         The process shall be placed under the responsibility of an oenologist or specialised technician.

Recommendation of the OIV:


[1] ** indicate that the production conditions are being studied