International Code of Oenological Practices

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Blending and mixing or preparation of the cuvee

II.3.5.3 Blending and mixing or preparation of the cuvee

Definition :[1]

Operation consisting of blending different wines.

Objectives :

a)        For wines with a geographical indication (for example Recognised Designation of Origin and Recognised Geographical Indication)

  • To produce wines of optimal qualitative characteristics representative of each geographical indication.

b)       For wines without geographical indication :

  • To produce wines with the analytical, sensory and qualitative characteristics desired,
  • To produce wines having new and/or better balanced characteristics,
  • To produce wines having the desired price.

Prescriptions :

a)        In no case shall this operation be conducted to conceal a microbiological or chemical alteration of wines.

b)       The composition of the wine after this operation shall conform to the definitions of the present Code and to the requirements of Annex C of the Recueil of International Methods of Analysis for Wines and Musts.


Recommendation of OIV:



[1] This definition applies solely to wines stricto sensu such as defined in the Part I, chap.3 “Wines” of the present Code.