International Code of Oenological Practices

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II.3.1.1 Acidification


  • Malic acid (D,L-, L-): additive
  • Lactic acid: additive
  • Tartaric acid: additive
  • Citric acid, monohydrate: additive

Definition :

Increase of the titratable acidity and the actual acidity (decrease of the pH).

Objectives :

a)        Production of wines with good sensory balance

b)       To promote good biological characteristics and good keeping quality of the wine.

Prescriptions :

The objectives can be achieved :

a)        By blending with wines of elevated acidity;

b)       With the help of strong cation exchangers in the free form (**)[1]

c)        By the use of chemical procedures (see II. ‘Chemical acidification’)

d)       By electromembrane treatment, (see II. ‘Acidification by Electromembrane treatment (bipolar membrane electrodialysis’)

Recommendation of OIV:

Refer to the practices and procedures mentioned above.

[1] ** indicate that the production conditions are being studied