International Code of Oenological Practices

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Secondary fermentation in bottle

II.4.2.1 Secondary fermentation in bottle


Process in which the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle.

Objective :

To produce sparkling wines according to this procedure.

Prescription :

To produce sparkling wines according to the following operations:

a)        Preparation of the base wine or of the composition of the cuvee,

b)       Preparation of the tirage liqueur,

c)        Yeast inoculation,

d)       Addition of clarifying agents,

e)       Tirage,

f)         Placing in stacks,

g)        Placing on riddling racks,

h)       Riddling,

i)         Inverting bottles

j)         Disgorging,

k)        Addition of the dosage.


For the decanting procedure, points (f) to (j) do not apply.

Recommendation of OIV:

Refer to the sections concerning these operations in the present International Code of Oenological Practices.