International Code of Oenological Practices

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Procedures to limit the formation of foam

II.2.3.7 Procedures to limit the formation of foam


Prevention of foam formation during the alcoholic fermentation.

Objective :

To control the formation of foam during alcoholic fermentation of must with a view to avoiding losses by overflow and to allow a better use of the capacity of the fermentation cellar.

Prescriptions :

a)        Preventive procedures:

  • Utilisation of yeast strains selected for their low formation of foam.
  • Performing the fermentation using physical procedures (equipment, temperature...) likely to minimise the formation of foam.
  • Reduction of the must’s ability to form foam by treatment with one of the products accepted for fining; particularly silicon dioxide and bentonite (see Fining)[AF1]

b)       Remedial procedure

  • Addition of a surfactant: a mixture of mono- and di-glycerides of oleic acid ;

The substances used shall comply with the prescriptions of the International Oenological Codex.

Recommendation of OIV :


[AF1]Quelle est la fiche de Fining ?