International Code of Oenological Practices

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II.2.1.14 Flotation


An operation consisting of injecting gas into a must in such a way as to cause particles or microorganisms to rise to its surface.


a)        Obtain rapid clarification with or without adding clarifying agents;

b)       Reduce the indigenous population of microorganisms prior to alcoholic fermentation for the subsequent use of selected yeasts;

c)        To continuously clarify in order to regularize the quantity of items to eliminate;

d)       And possibly, enhance oxygenation during clarification.



Clarification can be done:

a)        Protected from air by using nitrogen or carbon dioxide, or by aerating to encourage the oxidation of oxidable compounds and render the color of the wine more stable by aeration;

b)       At ambient temperature, after chilling or by using continuous systems which allow real-time control of clarifying agents and clarification speed;

c)        Or in a static manner using appropriate containers

d)       The products used must conform to the International Oenological Codex standards

Recommendation of the OIV: