International Code of Oenological Practices

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Raisining by physical treatment

II.1.10.2 Raisining by physical treatment


Process consisting in prolonging the ripening of grapes in a climatic chamber regulated by dehydrated air which may be heated.


To complete grape ripening when climatic conditions are unfavorable and to obtain an enrichment of sugar and all elements aside from malic acid.



a)        The harvest must be done by hand and the grapes transported in small, perforated crates;

b)       The distribution of air within the climatic chamber must be as homogeneous as possible;

c)        The internal temperature of the berry should not exceed 30°C;

d)       The concentration cannot lead to a reduction of more than 20% of initial volume nor increase more than 2% of the initial potential alcoholic strength, with an exception being made for certain special wines;


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