International Code of Oenological Practices

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Sparkling wines

I.4.4 Sparkling wines

Special wines produced from grapes, musts or wines processed according to techniques accepted by OIV, characterised on uncorking by the production of a more or less persistent effervescence resulting from the release of carbon dioxide of exclusively endogenous origin. The excess pressure of this gas in the bottle is at least 3.5 bars at 20°C. Nevertheless, for bottles of a capacity less than 0.25 l, the minimum excess pressure is 3 bars at 20°C.

According to the production technique, sparkling wines are said to be:

  • Of secondary fermentation in bottle,
  • Of secondary fermentation in closed tank.

The wine is said to be:

  • Brut when it contains at the most 12 g/l of sugar with a tolerance of + 3 g/l;
  • Extra-dry, when it contains at least 12 g/l and at most 17 g/l with a tolerance of + 3 g/l;
  • Dry when it contains at least 17 g/l and at most 32 g/l with a tolerance of +3 g/l;
  • Demi-sec when it contains 32 to 50 g/l;
  • Sweet, when it contains more than 50 g/l