What we do

The OIV provides sound, timely and comparable data and statistics on the vine and wine sector to inform policy makers, analysts, and members of civil society around the world.

OIV Statistics Publications

1. World Wine Production Outlook


Annual report published in October with preliminary estimates of wine production volume of the current year.


2. State of the World Vine and Wine Sector


Annual report published in April on the world vine and wine sector, providing preliminary data on area under vines as well as production, consumption, and international trade of wine for the previous year. 


3. Annual Assessment of World Vine and Wine Sector


Overview of the evolution of areas under vines as well as production, consumption and international trade of all major products derived from the vines - wine, table grapes, dried grapes – with a focus on the previous year.


4.   OIV Statistical Yearbook


Annual statistical publication outlining detailed, consolidated data at global, regional, and national level concerning the planted areas under vines as well as trends regarding production, trade and consumption of grapes, wine, and other vine-derived products. The data published is harmonised with that of the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 

5.   OIV Thematical Focus


Thematic study on a specific topic - usually products or variables that are not covered in depth in the other statistical publications of the OIV - to get a better understanding of market trends and sectoral dynamics.

  • 2023 - Evolution of world wine production and consumption by colour

  • 2021 - The world organic vineyard

  • 2020 - The global sparkling wine market

  • 2019 - Industrial Use of Wine

  • 2017 - The distribution of the world’s grapevine varieties

  • 2016 - Table and dried grapes

  • 2015 - The rosé wine market

  • 2014 - Sparkling Wine