OIV Congress

What we do

In 2024, France is delighted to welcome you to the 45th World Congress of Vine and Wine , which will be held in Dijon,home to the new headquarters of the OIV. This will be a very special year as it celebrates the organisation’s centenary!
We look forward to working with you on the future of the wine industry in light of the current challenges and are delighted to introduce our heritage and share our French art de vivre, where wine is as much a natural product as it is a cultural one too.
For further information, visit the website of the Congress.


Each year a member state of the OIV, along with the OIV, invites and hosts scientists and researchers from around the world to present and share their findings and results. 


Presentations made during the Congress are based on a scientific or academic paper and are chosen for relevance and excellence. Works are then published in open access. Around 600 scientific articles are currently available via this system