Attività per il centenario


2024: a year of celebrations

Join us in celebrating the OIV Centenary through a series of engaging activities, courses, events, and projects specially tailored for the centenary under the motto "Learning from the past, focus on the present, ready for the future".





Our centenary events are meticulously tailored to address the challenges of the future. In recognition of the evolving landscape, we have curated a series of courses designed to equip the vine and wine sector with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate forthcoming challenges, particularly those posed by climate change. By offering these courses, the OIV aims not only to impart essential knowledge but also to empower people to be better prepared, resilient, and adaptive in the face of emerging challenges, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of the vine and wine sector for generations to come.




Blockchain applied to the Vine and Wine Sector 

Step into the future of the vine and wine sector with the OIV's groundbreaking exploration of Blockchain technology, taking place virtually from June 4th to 7th 2024. Join participants from across the globe and learn how blockchain can elevate transparency, traceability, and operational efficiency within the wine supply chain.

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Sustainable water and soil management for resilient viticulture 

The OIV joins forces with the Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), working through the Institute of Zaragoza, to bring an immersive course in water and soil management in viticulture. Mark your calendars for July 1st to 6th 2024, as the CIHEAM Zaragoza headquarters hosts engaging sessions, both in person and online.

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Nell’ambito del Centenario dell’OIV e dell’Anno internazionale della vigna e del vino, l’OIV è lieta di annunciare il “CONCORSO FOTOGRAFICO PER IL CENTENARIO DEL 2024 – PAU ROCA”, dedicato alla memoria di Pau Roca, direttore generale dell'OIV dal 2019 al 2023. Roca, recentemente scomparso, ha dedicato il suo mandato a una delle maggiori sfide con cui deve confrontarsi il settore vitivinicolo: il cambiamento climatico.



Brescia/Verona, April 11th-13th, 2024

In this unique year of the OIV's centenary, Italy wishes to organise a preliminary ministerial meeting in the spirit that inspired the founding member states in 1924.

OIV Awards ceremony 2024

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the renowned OIV Awards ceremony is taking place on September 2024. Winners from around the world in all 12 categories of the OIV Awards will gather in Lisbon, Portugal (one of the founding countries of the OIV) for this event.

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Dal 14 al 18 ottobre 2024 la Francia ospiterà il 45° Congresso Mondiale della Vigna e del Vino e la 22° Assemblea Generale dell'Organizzazione Internazionale della Vigna e del Vino (OIV).

Inauguration of the Hôtel Bouchu d'Esterno

After months of major restoration and refurbishment campaign, the Hotel Buchu d’Esterno, the new OIV’s headquarters, will be ready to host the OIV sectretariat in November 2024. An official inauguration will take plce on 12th October 2024.

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OIV Centenary Initiatives

OIV Stamp

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Organisation, France, the host of the forthcoming 45th World Congress of Vine and Wine, will issue a commemorative stamp. This symbolic token will be available at post offices on 11 October.

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OIV Centenary Wine

Produced from the 2022 vintage and the Arbois terroir, which celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Pasteur, this cuvée commemorating the centenary of the OIV was conceived and selected by Luigi Moio, President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. 

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OIV Centenary Glasses

The OIV is happy to present a commemorative wine glass to accompany the centenary celebration. These glasses represent not only a toast to the past hundred years but also a symbol of the bright future that lies ahead for the global vine and wine community.

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OIV Patronage

The OIV "International Year of Vine and Wine" patronage to wine competitions and symposia may be granted to meetings, seminars, conferences and other meetings of a scientific and technical nature organised by members of the Organisation or related organisations. 

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