International Network of Vine and Wine Cities

Centenary 1924 2024

On the celebration of its centenary, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) has declared 2024 as the International Year of the Vine and Wine. Within the framework of this declaration, whose motto is "The wine and the vine of tomorrow", various initiatives and activities will be carried out to celebrate the organisation's historical journey.  For this reason, the OIV is launching the International Network of Cities of Vine and Wine to recognise the invaluable contribution that the cities linked to the vine have made to the organisation in these 100 years of life.

This initiative seeks to highlight the cities that have organised scientific and cultural events, such as world congresses, symposia and various OIV courses, and to highlight those cities or regions that will be the protagonists of other events and meetings in the future.

  • Background 

During these 100 years, there have been several milestones that have marked the history of the organisation. One of them was the creation in 1987 of the International Network of Cities of Vine and Wine. More than 100 cities from 21 countries joined together to become centres for meetings and events related to the sector. In this centenary year, the OIV is relaunching this initiative with private and public events of a scientific and cultural nature, under its patronage of the centenary. This new network will include both member cities and non-member cities, which are welcome to participate.



  • What are the objectives and benefits of the network? 

Being part of this network will allow these cities, and the different scientific and cultural events that take place in them, to have the endorsement and support of an organisation that has developed and established mechanisms and regulations that are recognised worldwide and adopted by international organisations and many wine-producing countries.In addition, it will facilitate contact between the actors in the sector with the scientific body of the organisation and with actors from other latitudes, for the exchange of experiences and good practices. 

Within the framework of the network, an information mechanism will be offered with news on the activities of each city and region, as well as the possibility of participating in webinars, symposia, and other activities during the centenary year. Finally, the International Network of Cities of Vine and Wine will give visibility to recognise and pay tribute to the energetic work of these cities.


  • Is being part of the network financially binding?

The International Network of Cities of Vine and Wine does not represent an economic cost for the member cities, as membership is free of charge. On the other hand, the OIV does not grant economic benefits to the cities but provides its knowledge and support for the projects to be carried out in the framework of the centenary year.


  • What are the requirements for membership? 

To become a member, the candidate city must have organised an event linked to the scientific and cultural sphere since the foundation of the OIV (world congresses, symposiums, ampelography courses, etc.) or organise future events, whether public or private initiatives, under the patronage of the OIV centenary during 2023 and 2024. Membership will be by invitation to each town council, by means of a formal letter from the Director General of the OIV. If a city wishes to apply spontaneously, it can do so by formal letter addressed to the Director General of the OIV and, after evaluation of each case, the final decision will be communicated.