Disparition de Stavroula Kourakou Dragona

03 Apr 2024

L’OIV apprend avec émotion le décès ce jour de Mme Kourakou-Dragona, présidente honoraire de l’OIV.

Born in 1928, she was a doctor of science in chemistry and an oenologist at the Greek Ministry of Agriculture's Wine Institute from 1953, which she headed a few years later.

She was a member and head of the Greek delegation to the OIV from 1959, first as a member of the Sub-Commission on Methods of Analysis, then as chair of the group of experts on the "Code of Oenological Practices" and vice-chair of the Oenology Commission. She was elected the first woman president of the OIV in 1979 for a three-year term.


Equally passionate about other vine-based products, she continued her career at the OIV as President of the "Spirit beverages" group.


Her technical expertise and negotiating skills were also recognised within the European Union's "wines" and "spirits" committees, where she played a key role in the regulations being drawn up in the 1980s.


The author of numerous scientific publications and reference works recognised by OIV awards, Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona remains one of Greece's leading figures in the world of vines and wine. The OIV joins her family in mourning and salutes the memory of one of those who presided over the destiny of the OIV during this century.


Photo: Presidence OIV – May 1980