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Wine and Health 2017: Confirmation and News

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Placed under the patronage of the OIV, the Wine and Health 2017 Meeting was held in Logroño (Spain), from February 16th to 18th.

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Presided by Professor Rosa María Lamuela-Raventós and Professor Ramon Estruch from the University of Barcelona, the meeting was a great success, with over 200 participants including, scientists, health professionals, journalists, and some winery representatives who attended the various conference sessions. The sessions were very dynamic and of the highest quality, which was evident by the high participation during the question periods as well as the many requests for the transcript of the sessions afterwards.

Numerous technical communications presented by well-known scientists coming from Europe, USA and South Africa have summarised the different effects of wine consumption on health. If moderate wine consumption is known to provide some beneficial effects several issues remain to be solved.

On this occasion, Jean-Claude Ruf, scientific coordinator of the OIV, highlighted the main issues and the role of the OIV in this context.

The next Wine and Health Meeting (probably in 2019) will be organized by Prof. Andrew Waterhouse in California (USA).

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Closing remarks from Professor Rosa María Lamuela-Raventós