18 January 2016 — OIV life

The OIV attends Green Week in Berlin

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The President and Director General of the OIV participated in the opening of International Green Week Berlin at the invitation of the German authorities.

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They also met with the German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt. Monika Christmann and Jean-Marie Aurand had several meetings with the Ministers and representatives for the OIV Member States present in Berlin.

During a breakfast in the parliament building at the initiative of Ms Kordula Kovac, member of the German Bundestag (national parliament) and also President of the "Wine Group", the OIV President and Director General met with Mr Edmond Panariti, Albanian Minister for Agriculture. The Minister showed a keen interest in the OIV and its missions at a time when Albania wishes to revive its wine production and modernise the sector.