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The OIV at the heart of the key issues of the vitivinicultural sector

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At the start of this new year on 19 January 2016, OIV Director General Jean-Marie Aurand drew up an assessment of the previous year, during which there had been continued modernisation of the Organisation.

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This work will make it possible to very quickly establish the launch of the new OIV website, access to the scientific and technical heritage of the OIV via the digitisation of its Bulletin and the rationalisation of the working structures (expert groups) adapted in accordance with the Strategic Plan.

"Sustainable development, climate change and the expectations of consumers and citizens have become inescapable for an increasingly globalised vitivinicultural sector," Jean-Marie Aurand recalled, noting that the OIV needed to be at the centre of these concerns. To this end he confirmed that, alongside traditional subjects relating to technical standards and good practices, the OIV was going to develop its work with regard to environmental issues within a new structure specifically dedicated to this purpose.

From April 2016, a new Exert Group known as "ENVIRO" will address, in a multidisciplinary manner, the problems with respect to sustainable development and climate change in order to develop a comprehensive and consistent approach.

This means promoting vitiviniculture that is more competitive thanks to innovations and the adding of value to products, yet also more sustainable.

After having praised the delegates and the representatives from the Diplomatic Corps, whose high level of attendance demonstrated the attachment of OIV Member States to the Organisation's activities, Jean-Marie Aurand thanked the experts and professionals who contribute to the OIV's expertise and participate in promoting its actions.

OIV President Ms Monika Christmann also expressed her desire to move forward in 2016 with the dossiers currently being reviewed by the OIV, as well as her delight at being able to act together with the new Commission and Sub-Commission Presidents elected in 2015. She reiterated the importance of maintaining high scientific and technical standards, which allow the OIV to fully play its role as a reference for the vitivinicultural sector, particularly with regard to the Codex Alimentarius.

The year 2016 will also see the OIV World Congress of Vine and Wine and General Assembly held in Brazil for the first time, in Bento Gonçalves on 24-28 October 2016.