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The 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition

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On 21-22 November 2016, the 8th World Bulk Wine Exhibition was held in Amsterdam.

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This professional trade fair brought together more than 225 companies representing over 85% of the global bulk wine trade.

Jean-Marie Aurand with José Luis Murcia, Conference Coordinator

During the programme of conferences organised as part of this exhibition and placed under the patronage of the OIV, Director General Jean-Marie Aurand gave a presentation on the overall state of the wine market, with a particular focus on the bulk wine trade. This sub-sector is steadily developing, with exports rising from 15 million hectolitres in 2000 to 40 million in 2016 – equating to 38% of the total volume of wine exported in the world. Seven countries account for 85% of bulk wine exports: Spain (35%), Italy (12%), Australia (10%), Chile (10%), South Africa (7%), France (6%) and the United States (5%).