30 November 2016 — OIV life

The 20th Vinitech-Sifel trade show

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The 20th Vinitech-Sifel trade show (global trade show for equipment and services for the vitivinicultural, arboricultural and market gardening sectors) was held in Bordeaux from 29 November to 1 December.

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The Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, took part in the official opening of this event, whose programme of technical and scientific conferences was placed under the patronage of the OIV.

The trade show brought together 850 exhibitors from 20 different countries and hosted almost 45 000 visitors.

A veritable showcase for materials, equipment and services, Vinitech-Sifel places a strong emphasis on innovation – which is important both to improve the competitiveness of companies in the vitivinicultural sector and to address the major issues for the field in terms of environmental protection and consumer expectations.