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OIV MSc in Wine Management

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The 27th year of the "OIV MSc in Wine Management" has just begun its 16-month itinerant course at the OIV headquarters in Paris.

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The 16 participants of 8 different nationalities in this year's class will meet more than 500 wine sector professionals in 24 producer and/or consumer countries across 5 continents.

On this occasion, the Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, emphasised the importance of the network created over 25 years ago by this training programme, both with regard to the graduates and universities as well as the companies involved in this unique approach. He also reminded those present of the relevance of this international training programme in relation to the increased globalisation of wine markets.

More information on the OIV MSc in Wine Management: www.oivmsc.org/en/.