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Major revival of Peruvian vitiviniculture

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On a visit to Peru, the Director General of the OIV met with different players in a vitivinicultural sector undergoing a dramatic revival.

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During a working lunch at the invitation of Santiago Queirolo, President of the Vitivinicultural Committee of the National Society of Industries (which brings together the main companies in the sector), Jean-Marie Aurand presented the actions led by the OIV and called for the increased participation of Peruvian experts in the work of the Organisation.

Mr Aurand attended a meeting with the Vice-Minister for Small- and Medium-Sized Entreprises and Industry and also President of the National Pisco Commission, Juan Mathews Salazar, who affirmed the importance that Peru attaches to the OIV at a time when vitiviniculture is developing and modernising. Several actions were considered to bolster relations with the Organisation, including strengthening Peruvian expertise and the possibility of organising a presentation of Pisco and Peruvian wines at the OIV headquarters in 2017.

These guidelines were confirmed at a meeting with the Director for Agriculture, Edson Seopa Ruiz, at the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Director General also gave a presentation at the Institute of Wine and Pisco on the state of the global vitivinicultural sector and the major issues it faces.

Peruvian viticulture has been undergoing a significant revival for some years now.

Over the last 10 years, the vineyard surface area has doubled, reaching 32 000 ha in 2015. With more than 510 000 tons of table grapes produced in 2015 – 60% of which were exported – Peru is demonstrating its ambitions.

Wine production has seen an increase of almost 20% in 10 years, reaching 700 000 hL, while consumption has followed the same growth pattern, establishing itself at 785 000 hL.

Finally, Pisco – an emblematic product for which a competition placed under the patronage of the OIV is held every year – experienced a rise in its production and reached over 9.5 million litres in 2015.