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2020: the 90th anniversary of the first OIV awards

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An award created “to publish a leaflet promoting wine consumption aimed at school children all around the world”.

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In 1930, in issue no. 24 of the “BULLETIN INTERNATIONAL DU VIN”, the OIV – then the “International Wine Office”, founded on 29 November 1924 – publishes regulations governing the first O.I.V. Awards.

This is a call for applications, firstly, to write text and captions in French or in one of the languages of the OIV “member” countries, and secondly, to illustrate this “promotional leaflet” in support of wine and its health benefits, entitled: “The Truth about Wine”. Candidates are required to indicate the various virtues of drinking wine from “early childhood”: as a “tonic” or “medicinal vehicle in small doses as prescribed by a doctor”. Then they are to specify that, from the age of 10-12, “moderate doses of wine should form part of main meals”. Finally, they are instructed that, for adults, specifically “healthy individuals ... all the reasons in favour of using this beverage should be emphasised”.

In France, in the context of the struggle against the prohibitionist laws enacted by the United States, all 1930s promotional campaigns in support of (moderate) wine consumption are illustrated by this quote from Louis Pasteur: “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages." Here, a “Bon Point” bearing an image of Louis Pasteur (the “Bon Point” was a reward given to good students in schools).

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