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2020 OIV Awards: the Jury’s verdicts are in!

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19 OIV Awards and 10 OIV Special Mentions.

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On 8 September 2020, the International OIV Jury, composed of the scientific and technical elite of a number of OIV Member Countries, awarded 19 OIV Awards and 10 OIV Special Mentions. The winners were selected from a list of 30 nominated publications: 27 books and 3 websites.

2020 Awards winners here [FR/EN]

The President of the Award Jury, Azélina Jaboulet-Vercherre, and the Scientific Secretary, Richard Pfister, thanked the many readers from around the world who had evaluated the publications presented with impartiality and professionalism.

The 2020 Awards mark 90 years since the creation of the Awards of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. This year has seen a particularly diverse range of submissions, with 25 countries in 4 continents represented across the 11 categories for this prestigious Award, which is internationally recognised in the vitivinicultural sector.

On this Anniversary, the Jury also wanted to congratulate and show support for publishers, thanks to whom the work of authors, photographers and illustrators is showcased to a high editorial quality.

With this in mind, the Acknowledgement of the 2020 OIV Award Jury was awarded to 4 Publishing Houses.

Submissions for the 2021 Awards are open from 1 September 2020 until 28 February 2021.

Publications, including books or websites, from around the world (OIV Member Countries as well as non-Member Countries) are anticipated to continue the long history of the OIV Awards – the aim of which is to promote the dissemination of knowledge about vine and wine among professionals in the sector, enthusiasts, and even novices.