05 June 2018 — Viticulture

Spain hosts Enoforum for the first time

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Under the patronage of the OIV, Enoforum was held in Spain for the first time in 2018, from 31 May to 1 June 2018 in Zaragoza.

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One of the leading scientific congresses for the vitivinicultural sector in Europe, Enoforum is above all a meeting place and a forum for debate for all wine and vine industry stakeholders.

Over the two days, more than 40 reports were presented on topics of great relevance and general interest.

Through a series of lectures, the 2018 event was an opportunity to examine the scientific aspects of important topics, such as:

  • water management for grape maturation,
  • the active and passive micro-oxygenation of wines,
  • how temperature affects wine evolution,
  • good practices for bulk and bottled wine trading.

In addition, several papers addressed themes as diverse as:

  • the release of thiols in fermentation: genetic and nutritional factors,
  • bioprotection in viticulture and oenology,
  • the microbiological fertility of the soil: from scientific knowledge to vineyard application,
  • the use of new treatments with regard to tartaric stabilisation,
  • how to manage the negative and positive sides of sulphur compounds in wines,
  • new techniques for the vinification of red wines,
  • the reactivation of the basic functionalities of oak barrels through regeneration,
  • the analytical approach of wineries and laboratories,
  • a study on the impact of fermentation conditions on the production of esters by yeasts.

During this event, OIV Scientific Coordinator Dr Jean-Claude Ruf gave a talk on the OIV and its strategic role vis-à-vis new oenological practices. He emphasised the role of the OIV in the vitivinicultural sector as well as the main topics currently under evaluation.