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Within the framework of developing its Strategic Plan, the OIV grants research scholarships in priority programme fields on a yearly basis. Grants offered within the framework of this programme are short term (six months to fifteen months maximum) and are provided for specific post graduate training programmes. Targeted candidates must be very qualified, with the desire to pursue their research, further knowledge and keep up on the latest progress made in their field of study and/or work.

Application forms must be filled out and sent to the OIV - OIV – Research grants – 18, rue d’Aguesseau – 75008 Paris – or job@oiv.int

Deadline for submitting requests: 13th September 2016

2016 Edition

This year, special attention will be given to:


  • Alongside the topics suggested within the “Table Grapes, Raisins and Unfermented Vine Products” Sub-Commission, the decision was made to give priority to the following topics: biodiversity in viticulture, water footprint and the reasonable use of water
  • Dormancy breaking agents
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to table grapes depending on quality parameters and grape maturity
  • Alternatives to SO2 for table grapes


  • The use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in winemaking
  • Yeast derivatives
  • Oenological tannins: scope, objectives and consequences in wine
  • New alternative products for the stabilisation and storage of wine
  • Analysis methods in the context of sustainability


  • Environmental labelling in the viticultural sector:

- What are consumers' concerns?

- Existing collective efforts:

  private standards

  public standards

  • Social responsibility of the industry: private efforts, drafts of standards, value in the eyes of consumers
  • Reduction of phytosanitary products and inputs – individual or national effort?

Safety and Health

  • The effects of wine consumption on degenerative diseases
  • Changes in consumption habits including among young people
  • Recommendations on consumption and alcohol units
  • Contaminants and toxins

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OIV Research grant program in support of priority programme fields 

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