12 October 2017 — OIV life

Sustainability in the global vitisphere on the menu at the 11th Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot

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Every year at the start of October, since 2007, the UNESCO Chair "Culture and Traditions of Wine" at the University of Burgundy organises the "Rencontres du Clos-Vougeot".

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Held over three days in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards, this event brings together different actors in the vitivinicultural world (academics, researchers, vine growers, merchants, etc.) to reflect on a particular theme.

In 2017, this theme was sustainability in the vineyards and the winery, and several dozen participants took part over the three days, with foreign speakers being well represented.

At the invitation of the Head of the UNESCO Chair, Jocelyne Pérard, the OIV Director General closed the conference. On this occasion, Jean-Marie Aurand presented the OIV's activities related to sustainability, carried out through a new holistic approach first implemented in 2015.

It should be noted that the UNESCO Chair of the University of Burgundy made the application to include Burgundy vineyards on the World Heritage of Humanity list of natural and cultural sites, as viticultural sites. This recognition was granted in 2015.

There are 15 or so sites around the world associated with viticulture that have achieved this recognition. They are an illustration of the human activity, through the mark they leave on the land and through the cultural traditions with which they are associated.