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Slovakia: “A little country with big wines”

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The Director General of the OIV travelled to Slovakia on June 12th and 13th at the invitation of Gabriela Matečná, Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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This visit was a continuation of the presentation of Slovakian wines which took place in Bordeaux this past 30th November.

During an interview at the Ministry of Agriculture, Gabriela Matečná emphasized the dynamic nature of their vitivinicultural industry which is in the midst of a major renewal, accompanied and supported by the government.

This process of modernisation relies on the great variety of terroirs, the promotion of indigenous vine varieties and research on the value added through the production of high-quality wines. 

More than 80% of Slovakian wines bear an AOC or a PGI. “Slovakia is a little country with big wines”, the Minister is proud to say.

The Minister Gabriela Matečná with Jean-Marie Aurand

Within the framework of research and training development policies, the Minister mentioned the possibility of presenting a Slovakian candidate for the grants distributed by the OIV.

Jean-Marie Aurand welcomes the many relationships between the OIV and Slovakia, mentioning among others the role of Ambassador František Lipka as President of the OIV Awards Jury.

The diversity of Slovak vitiviniculture

During the “Viticulture Workshop” organised as part of the National Slovakian Wine Exhibition, the Director General of the OIV made a presentation to the Slovakian Association of Winemakers regarding the Organisation and the state of conditions of the wine industry, highlighting the major changes and primary challenges which future holds.

After a presentation on the control and certification system by Ivana Benkovičová (Slovakia’s delegate to the OIV) and an overview of the situation of vitiviniculture in Slovakia by the President of the Winemakers Association, Ondrej Celleng and their general director Jaroslava Kaňuchová-Pátková, the award ceremony of the National Slovakian Wine Exhibition took place.

The end of the trip was reserved for visits to three farms which represent Slovakian vitiviniculture in all its diversity.

The weekend was also marked by the organisation in Prešov of the 23rd Muvina International Wine Competition, placed under the patronage of the OIV.

Slovakia features almost 600 producers growing around 10,000 ha of vines (of a potential 16,000 ha) for a production of about 300,000 hL annually, which is primarily sold within the national market.