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Presentation of the 2017 OIV Awards

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The presentation of the 2017 OIV Awards took place in Paris in the reception halls of the OIV.

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Present were multiple members of the Diplomatic body of the OIV including the President of the OIV Mrs. Monika Christmann, the Director General of the OIV Mr. Jean-Marie Aurand, the President of the OIV Awards Jury Mr. František Lipka, as well as the Scientific Secretary of the OIV Awards Mr. Jean-Luc Berger.

They were joined by distinguished members of the world of wine at one of the key events in the OIV calendar including representatives from publishing houses, journalists, vitivinicultural professionals and OIV Experts…

The growing success of this ‘Nobel Prize of vitivinicultural literature’ (Jean-Marie Aurand, Director General of the OIV) aims to offer current and diverse information on Vine and Wine to readers. This is spread across different subjects, technical and scientific (œnology and viticulture), economy and law, history, literature and fine arts, wine and health, wine and gastronomy, as well as the presentation of wines and the viticultural regions throughout the continents.

The rigorous selection of all the works, by the specialised evaluators from around the world, allowed for the International Jury, presided by Mr. František Lipka, to make an impartial selection from 65 submissions from 19 countries. The prizes with 10 OIV Awards and 8 Special mentions represent original works of immense quality on the cutting edge of the latest technological advances and scientific discoveries.

The quality and depth of the works in the 2017 OIV Awards are confirmation of the prestige of the OIV Awards and their standing in the vitivinicultural world. The works cover the entire vitivinicultural world including regions where vitivinicultural is not well known as well as countries that are not curently member states of the OIV.

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