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OIV MSc in Wine Management: 32nd Year

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The students in the 32nd academic year of the OIV Master of Science (MSc) in Wine Management attended their first day of term at the new OIV headquarters in Paris.

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After a presentation of the OIV and its activities given by the various unit heads, this year’s MSc students were welcomed by the Director General, Pau Roca, who explained the future strategic plan of the Organisation and spoke about the main issues for the vitivinicultural sector of today.

The specific nature of the course is designed to be mono-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, itinerant, international and experiential all at the same time; it also now has one of the most developed networks in the world of wine. Since 1988, almost 500 players and policy makers in the wine world have taken this training programme.

The international dimension to this programme is expressed through a curriculum that every year leads students to discover over 20 key countries on the wine planet, spread over the 5 continents.

This was an opportunity for the students on the 32nd year of the OIV MSc in Wine Management to explore the new premises of the OIV, which now resides at 35 Rue de Monceau, 75008 Paris.