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Discovering the women’s wine route

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4 students, 10 countries, 6 months and 50 vineyards. The “World Wine Women” project is made up of young women who set off to discover the vitivinicultural world to highlight key issues in the sector. Their main aim: to give women a place in the sector.

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The OIV hosted representatives from the “World Wine Women” project. This is a women-led project touring the world's vineyards, in order to learn more about the environment and understand the role of women in this traditionally male sector.

Alexandra Dubar, Alice Bergeras, Atalante Ramé and Louise Douvry departed on their journey with the idea of working alongside winegrowers in vineyards and wineries to gain real, day-to-day experience of local working methods. In the order visited, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, China and the United States were the countries on the route.

While their aim was to examine the image, role and place of women in the vitivinicultural world, these Economy and Marketing students also sought to discover and analyse the different facets of new challenges for the sector. This is within a context of evolving supply with the emergence of new producer countries, changing patterns of consumption and where the impact of climate change on production methods has never been so great.

This project reflects the OIV’s desire to promote the role of women in the wine world. “I am proud to be the spokesperson of the OIV in promoting the presence of women in this sector,” Regina Vanderlinde, the Organisation's President, reiterated recently during the Wishes for 2019 ceremony at the OIV headquarters.

Atalante Ramé, Regina Vanderlinde and Alice Bergeras 

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